Tangents: Gus Van Sant, DJ /rupture Replies, XXXL Instruments …

Recommended reading, news, and so forth elsewhere:

The Use of Sound in the Films of Gus Van Sant (silentlistening.wordpress.com): Andreas Bick discusses the use of audio, notably soundscapes by Hildegard Westerkamp, in the films of Gus Van Sant (Gerry, Elephant, Last Days). Includes PDF of interview with Westerkamp in which Randolph Jourdain asks about the films.

More Where DJ /rupture‘s Esopus Track Came From: DJ /rupture linked from his twitter.com/djrupture account (and from his negrophonic.com site) to Monday's disquiet.com coverage of his track in the new issue of Esopus — and he suggested that we can expect a full-length collection of this sort of atmospheric work in the future: "snippet of my Esopus piece- http://is.gd/z492 at some point, i will release an album of this stuff. ambient/noise/texture/scissors"

David Byrne Bringing His ‘Playing the Building’ to London (bbc.co.uk)

Joseph Bertolzzi‘s ‘Bridge Music’ Uses World’s Largest Instrument (naxos.com)

Help Fund an 8-Bit Tribute to Miles Davis (kickstarter.com)

More online resources at disquiet.com/elsewhere.

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