Telecom Substation Jam

Tulpa | Dusha synchronizes archaic equipment into industrial techno

Tulpa | Dusha (aka Anna Martinova) has released a surreptitiously low-key industrial techno EP on her Bandcamp account, Titled Fall, it’s two long tracks, each seven minutes, of slight variations in small percussive sounds, as if ratchets and gears, small pistons and wood blocks had been gathered for some sort of Lilliputian rave.

It’s like if a telecom substation’s internal equipment suddenly all clicked into lockstep for an after-hours jam. What it really is, though, is Martinova working with vintage electronics that have been accumulated by Hans Kulk. As she explains: “these machines were originally intended for industrial and technical applications but they also inspired some of the earliest experiments in electronic music.”

More from Tulpa | Dusha / Anna Martiova, who is based in Amsterdam, at and YouTube. She is also the founder of the Modular Moon modular synthesis school (

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