On Repeat: Acoustic BOC, Giacometti Ambience

Home/office playlist

Brief mentions each Sunday of my favorite listening from the week prior:

▰ Gorgeous acoustic guitar rendition of Boards of Canada’s “Over the Horizon Radar” by the same guy, Simon Farintosh, whom I interviewed a few years back about his Aphex Twin transcriptions:

▰ Here is pianist Hania Rani performing, live, some of the music from her beautiful score to the film The Giacomettis, which I mentioned earlier this month. The footage was shot at Atelier in Stampa, Switzerland. That’s a former barn Giovanni Giacometti, father of artists Alberto and Diego Giacometti and architect Bruno Giacometti, in 1906 turned into the family studio. Listening to this solo concert while alone at home is a highly recommended. Headphones are great, but better yet, play it loud and transport the sonics of the Atelier into your own room.

▰ The title to René Margraff’s “Hiccup” may be the result of sorting out a playful alternate word for the light glitch the musician brings to this otherwise plaintive, subdued drone. It’s a magnetic piece, just drawing the ear in even as it risks disturbing the very trance it insinuates.

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