A Brief RjDj Overview (MP3)

Tomorrow, for RjDj app fans and for those new to reactive audio (likely thanks to the debut of the Inception app), there will be some special RjDj coverage. But in advance, what exactly is RjDj? Here’s a podcast overview from back in September of the reactive iOS (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPhone) app that is the, well, inception point of the Inception app (MP3). RjDj is an app that serves as a software platform for various “scenes,” and the majority of those scenes use algorithms to transform the sound that exists around you, creating a new layer of sonic experience that enriches everyday reality. And as complicated as that may sound, it’s really quite simple: install the app, put on your headphones, and hit play. As the podcast host puts it, “for my money, the best experience of augmented reality is auditory.” Podcast originally posted at invisible99.podbean.com. My boingboing.net story about Inception: “Music Apps Killed the MP3 Star.”

[audio:http://invisible99.podbean.com/mf/web/e94wrq/99Invisible-03-99Realityonly.mp3|titles=”September 24 2010″|artists=99% Invisible Podcast]

And a little background on the Boing Boing piece: “Liked the Movie, Loved the App.”

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