Top 10 Posts & Searches from May 2011

Grid, Unlocked: Video footage of Batuhan Bozkurt’s Otomata audio-game in action.

By far, of the 27 posts this past month, the most popular was (1) the extended interview with the developer of the browser-based generative sound application Otomata: “When Cells Collide.” Even though it was published after the midpoint of the month, it’s already the second most popular post on the site for the last 60 days (after the “netlabel checklist”, which is also the most popular post of the last 90 days). Not surprisingly, (2) an entry in this site’s daily Downstream department, focused on free legal downloads, that was related to Otomata also made the top 10: “When a Generative Track Takes On a Life of Its Own.”

(3) An introduction to my article on “Luciano Berio, Crate Digger” also ranked particularly high. It explores matters of generation perspectives and the fluid nature of copyright in a classical context, in relation to Berio’s Sinfonia.

These additional free MP3 recommendations made the list: (4) drones by South Korea”“based musician Fescal, (5) evidence of Heddy Boubaker‘s progress on the modular synth, after health concerns required him to stop playing saxophone (6) a field recording of the voting process by Bulldozia, aka Glasgow-based Alasdair Pettinger, (7) a ukulele remix, (8) a sampled flute, and (9) avant-turntablism by Jay Sullivan.

And, as happens occasionally and without clear explanation, (10) one of the automated weekly summaries of activity at

Top search requests of the month (excluding, as always, those that yield null returns): harold budd live, alan morse davies, outra-g, Kalte, steve reich, autechre, biosphere, concrete, darkwinter, exhibition, inteam, loscil, mille plateaux, pessoa, Scanner.

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