6-String IDM: The Top 10 Posts & Searches of May 2012

Among the top 10 most popular posts of the past month, May 2012, out of a total of 28 posts, all but two were drawn from the daily recommended free downloads of the site’s Downstream section: (1) XYZR_KX plays Autechre on guitar, (2) Mark Browne dips his tech in boiling water, (3) Schrödinger’s Dog recognizes the fax machine as a dubstep muse, (4) Rawore plays around, (5) Hey Exit adds a touch of the electronic to his guitar, (6) Greg Surges employs SoundCloud as a sketchbook, (7) Phillip Wilkerson records the Floridian quotidian (i.e., birds), and (8) Federico Durand‘s album preview serves as a composition unto itself.

The two remaining most popular posts were sets of automated Saturday collections of the previous week’s twitter.com/disquiet posts, from (9) May 5 and (10) May 12.

The most popular searches on the site during the month of May were: aaron, distinction, pessoa, mixes, alan morse davies, cicada, crewest, darkly, garde, intone, iron chef of music, lique, mallet, monolake, n4tural, neilwiernik, selun, sharing, sol rezza, stasisfield.

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