Bradbury + Gibson: The Top 10 Posts & Searches of July 2012

Each month on the first day of the month for the past countless months a little plugin in this site’s WordPress installation has provided a list of the 10 most popular posts on the site. At some point between last month and today that plugin ceased to function. So, there will be no such post today. In its place, I’ll list 10 key posts from July 2012, during which there were 42 posts. These have nothing to do with how often they were read, and are just ones that strike me as especially of note.

(1) my interview with Christof Migone about his sound art exploration of Ray Bradbury‘s The Martian Chronicles; (2) a Disquiet Junto project that explored the sounds within silence, in honor of John Cage, who would have turned 100 this year; (3) a Disquiet Junto project that employed an observation by William Gibson as its starting point; (4) the announcement of my story about the Syfy series Alphas, which ran in the magazine Nature; (5) the announcement of the upcoming class I’ll be teaching at the Academy of Art in San Francisco; (6) the announcement of this site’s newly mobile/tablet-friendly, “responsive” design (thanks to; (7) the announcement of my upcoming panel discussion at GAFFTA in San Francisco about “alternative musical interfaces”; (8) the announcement of the launch of; (9) MP3s of a series of lectures from the Tate Modern about women and electronic music; (10) the upcoming (August 19) Disquiet Junto concert in Denver, Colorado, at which I’ll be present. Here’s the poster for the Denver event:

The other part of the monthly post is a list of the most popular searches, and that is available. They were: distinction, dome, ionizer, classical, orchestra, aaron, academy, cardboard, fluxus, flyer, gaffta, Horchata, query, savaran, sexby, African Feedback, alphas.

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