Friday Office Ambience

Video via my YouTube channel,

Friday office ambience. Six of FM3’s Buddha Machines, from left to right: indeterminate color gen2, light blue gen1, clear gen 3 (aka Chan Fang), dark blue gen 4 (the edition for Philip Glass’ 80th birthday), white gen5, and green gen1. At a reader’s suggestion, I let this one run on for over two minutes.

I may do another with the Gristleism box (FM3 + Throbbing Gristle) added on Monday, though a low-pass filter is probably required to have it settle in with the other members of the robot choir.

2 thoughts on “Friday Office Ambience

  1. When I added my Gristleism to my (not sure how many now) Buddha Machines, I had no problems. They played quite well together

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