Top 10 Posts & Searches from December

The Top 10 posts of December (out of a total of 40 posts on included all three “best of 2009” entries: (1) the 10 best iPhone/iPod Touch music/sound apps, (2) the 10 best free “netreleases,” and (3) the 10 best commercial ambient/electronic albums.

The latest (4) “MP3 Discussion Group,” on Monolake‘s album Silence, made the list, as did three free-download entries (from the Downstream department, published every weekday): (5) the first mix I found to include audio from the Gristleism box (a collaboration between Throbbing Gristle and Christiaan Virant of FM3, creators of the Buddha Machine), (6) processed field recordings by Terje Paulsen, and (7) space music created on an old TR-606 drum machine.

Two “Quotes of the Week,” one (8) a collection of movie critics’s comments about Brian Eno‘s score to the film Lovely Bones and the other (9) an example of the excellent mid-song comments system at And, finally, (10) a round-up of images from the “sound art” tag at

The 10 most searched-for terms during the month of December were, in declining order of popularity: tied for first place, “makezine” and “weidenbaum” (I have no idea why anyone would search for my name on the site, but so be it); tied for second place, “buddha machine” and “likens” (I’m not sure why anyone would search for the word “likens,” unless perhaps they’re looking for Lichens, aka Robert Lowe); and tied for third place, “amon tobin,” “Autechre,” “drone,” “fm,” “garai” (which yields a null return), “hip,” “kent sparling,” “kikapu,” “ranaldo” (presumably as in Sonic Youth guitarist Lee Ranaldo) “unsilent” (as in Phil Kline‘s communal composition “Unsilent Night”), and (I’m not sure what this last one was about) “watson.”

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