Top 10 Posts & Searches from June 2011

Of the top 10 most popular posts on this site last month, all but three were drawn from the Downstream department of free and legal recommended downloads. (1) The most popular of them appears to be so as much for the conversation that followed the track, as for the track itself, “In the Country of Her Eyes,” by Janes Scenic Drive, which led to 20-plus comments about what exactly is an “instrument.” Also among the most popular Downstream entries: (2) music for viola and oscillators by Catherine Lamb, (3) a deliriously sloggy beat by Japan-based Yoshiteru Himuro, (4) a minimalist piano marvel by Martin Lukanov and Mytrip of Bulgaria; (5) Taylor Deupree performing a mix of field recordings and synthesis live in Tokyo, (6) broken beats by the UK’s Dustmotes, and (7) a pulsing confection by Saito Koji.

Also popular this month: (8) the 15th and latest in the “Sketches of Sound” series, this time a Fourth of July”“themed piece by G.I. Joe illustrator (and son of famed drummer Larry Londin) S.L. Gallant, (9) one of the weekly automated “what I tweeted at” entries, and (10) the “Top 10 Posts & Searches from May 2011.”

Among the most popular search requests were: harold budd live, phoningitin, alan morse davies, autechre, holophrase, Mucicas, no sun in september, poetry, and seth horvitz.

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