Aliens + EDM: The Top 10 Posts & Searches of June 2012

The top 10 posts of the month of June 2012, out of a total of 39 posts, included (1) a call for submissions (top left) by New York-based Primus Luta to craft an alien signal, (2) Lisbon, Portugal’s Leonardo Rosado’s work for apparently imaginary organ and piano, (3) Milan, Italy’s Matteo Milani and Federico Placidi (aka U.S.O. Project) exploring urban noise, (4) Germany-based all cousmatic (aka Allain Cousmatique) remixing field recordings (top center) by rawore (aka Portland, Oregon’s Bob Phillips), (5) the top-10 list from May, (6) Philip Sherburne on the rise (again) of pop dance electronica, (7) the summary of the 24th Disquiet Junto project (“The Assignment: Create four alert sounds that complement each other“), (8) non-industrial industrial music by BpOlar is Dirk Driesen (of Antwerp, Belgium), (9) non-experimental experimental music by Gerren Grant of Sacramento, California (top right), and (10) tensile free improvisation by Mathieu Werchowski (violin), Fabien Duscombs (drums), and Heddy Boubaker (electric bass).

The most popular searches on the site during the month of June were: distinction, sol rezza, aaron, instagram, albemuth, dome, monolake, the grassy knoll, zurich, bars, chiba, Horchata, humeka, iPad, lique, sexy, tallin, would-be messiahs.

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