Eno & Retail: The Top 10 Posts & Searches of September 2012

As mentioned two months ago, the software that for a long time automatically tallied the most popular (i.e., read, commented-upon, linked-to) posts on this site has gone belly up. So, as will remain the case until a proper replacement has been located, the following is, instead, a list of 10 key posts from September 2012, during which there were 31 posts:

(1) What the new Brian Eno album, Lux, his solo debut on the Warp label, will likely sound like, featuring video of the music as installed in Italy, and a related lecture by Eno. Overviews of (2) the first and (3) the second (“A Brief History of Listening”) weeks of the class on “sound” that I am teaching this semester at the Academy of Art in San Francisco. The two Disquiet Junto projects thus far that are being employed to develop audio for the exhibit As Real as It Gets, organized by Rob Walker for the Apex Art gallery in Manhattan — (4) one field recordings of retails spaces, (5) the other faux field recordings of such spaces created with foley sounds). Free downloads of (6) a Lary 7 performance at a Touch Editions concert in New York City (he was opening for Eleh), (7) Nils Frahm performing piano minus one finger, (8) four loops from the score to Looper, (9) Jason Richardson‘s closely mic’d children’s toy, and (10) and J. Soliday‘s sonic salute to his former club, Enemy.

The most popular searches of the month included: distinction, dome, xenakis, youtube, aaron, arcka, elian, ionizer, junto, kikapu, southland, steely.

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