Top 10 Posts & Searches from December 2010

The top 10 posts of December 2010, out of a total 49 posts, were:

(1) Lowlands: A Sigh Collective, a compilation of responses-in-sound to a nasty rant by the Daily Telegraph’s art critic, Richard Dorment, on the occasion of Susan Philipsz winning the Turner Prize for her sound work “Lowlands Away.”

Two posts regarding the Inception app, a reactive-audio spin-off of the summer brain-twister of a popcorn flick: (2) an introduction (“Liked the Movie, Loved the App: Inception”) and (3) a survey of the programmers and designers who made the app and its precursor, RjDj (“The Best RjDj (& Inception) App Scenes (& Dreams) — According to the Developers at RjDj”).

Speaking of apps and music, two related to Bloom, the app developed by Brian Eno and Peter Chilvers: (4) “A Bloom Is a Bloom Is a Bloom” and (5) “Bloom + Birdsong” (and, had it not just gone live on the 30th of the month, chances are that “Bloomsong: A Bloom Song” would also be up there).

In Bloom: A video demo of the Eno/Chilvers iOS app. Is it an instrument or a toy or a game? Or does it invite entirely new questions?

Two pieces related to stalwarts of contemporary classical music: (6) a comparative look at the waveforms of the winners of a Steve Reich remix contest and (7) an overview of recent John Cage activity (“Biography, Hit Single, Website”).

And, finally, three of the four year-end best-ofs: (8) “10 Best Commercial Ambient/Electronic Albums”, (9) “8 Best iOS Sound/Music Apps”, and (10) “Best of 2010: 10 Best Film Scores” — and I’m sure if it hadn’t just been published yesterday, the fourth of the four (“10 Best Netlabel/Free/CC Releases”) would also be on the list.

The top post of last 60 and 90 days was our MP3 Discussion Group focused on Brian Eno’s recent album, Small Craft on a Milk Sea.

The top searches for the month were: topic (this one appears frequently, and I have no idea why), eno, Buddha Machine, aairria, alan morse davies, Autechre, ringtone, roach, string quartets, argentina drone, atari punk console, Autechre Envane, brian eno, eleh, horchata, inception, mystified, nu jazz.

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