Breaking Apparat: Top 10 Posts & Searches from November 2011

Among the top 10 posts on this site last month were (1) “What’s Japanese for ‘Netlabel’?” (on the translation of my list of suggestions for giving away music) and (2) a viewing of Brian Eno‘s appearance on The Colbert Report.

Seven of the top 10 tracks were drawn from the site’s Downstream department of free/legal downloads: (3) the Apparat instrumental that appeared in the season-closing episode of TV’s Breaking Bad (pictured up top), (4) new essential instrumental hip-hop from Philadelphia’s Y?Arcka, (5) a film score by Sun Hammer we’re hearing before seeing the film, (6) a track from a Hungarian collection of dubstep, (7) click music by Krotos, (8) Gregory Chatonsky‘s music from a broken hard drive, and (9) Mark Broude‘s punk drone.

And, as is often the case, among the top posts was (10) one of the automated weekly summaries of what was tweeted at

The most popular post of the last 30 and 60 days is a collection of field recordings by Richard Devine of various types of information technology.

The most popular searches of the month, in descending order: outra-g, autechre, dub, cronenberg, custom label, music, fernando pessoa, gold, ingram, kidstreet, rjdj, salvagione, sunn, youtube, accidental psaltery, akumu, alan lockett.

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