Industrial/Drone/Chimes: The Top 10 Posts & Searches of January 2012

There were 38 posts on in January 2012, and the most popular were as follows:

(1) a consideration of white noise in the work of Phil Julian (“A Variety of Noises, White and Otherwise”), (2) a “Sneak Peek at New Project: Disquiet Junto,”, (3) the fuzzy beats of Would-Be Messiahs (“Hairshirt Industrial”), (4) a work for dual wind chimes by Josh Davison, aka Stringbot (“Chimes and More Chimes”), (5) Alarm Will Sound performing a syncopated work by Liza White (“When a Chamber Ensemble Sounds Like a Jazz Ensemble Sounds Like Breakbeat”), (6) a pair of tracks off Michal Jacaszek‘s Glimmer (Ghostly), (7) “Russian Post-Turntable Turntablism” by Mizontiq, and (8) “Sketch of a Drone / Drone as Sketch,” on a piece by Pacers that at times sounds like a church organ being tuned by an especially patient and exacting workman. Also: not (9) one but (10) two automated selections of what has happened in the previous week at

The most popular searches (searches that didn’t yield null results) were: harold budd live, junto, autechre, best of 2010, In the Echo of No Towers, souns, mark harris, saito koji, Kahlen, weir, would-be messiahs, airport, brian eno, Carrie Underwood, compilations.

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