Top 10 Posts for February

The top 10 posts for the last 30 days are as follows, grouped here by category:

(1) The hour-long streaming mix of guitar-derived electronica (part of this site’s new Listen? department).

Four Downstream entries of free MP3s: (2) the hour-long outward-bound instrumental hip-hop of DJ Pain‘s Odd Nosdam mix; (3) an ancient, 1970s Tangerine Dream concert; (4) the laptop-enhanced free improv of Diatribes; (5) and the dubby 8-bit MP3s of Simon Mattison.

And five brief Field Notes, including (6) the announcement of reader comments being added to (it’s functional on every post, so feel free to join in — but the interface is still in beta), (7) one of three posts on the avant-garde sheet-music gallery exhibit in San Francisco, (8) a comment by Fennesz in the Wall Street Journal, (9) a peek at a “sonochemical” work of sound art, and (10) the prepared piano of artists Jennifer Allora and Guillermo Calzadilla.

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