Top 10 Posts from June

Apparently these “top-10 posts” are useful, because the most popular post in June was … (1) the top-10 list for the month of May.

Six of the top-10 posts for June were for Disquiet Downstream (i.e., free legal download) entries. The most popular was (2) Durán Vázquez‘s terror film for radio. The other five were (3) heavenly string reverberants from Oo-Ray, (4) Jakob Newman‘s FM3 Buddha Machine mix, (5) an aggressive 8-bit (that is, old-school video game) entry from Lazerbeat, (6) blues great Junior Kimbrough remixed by Grassy Knoll, and (7) an album on the Dark Winter netlabel by Exuviae.

An image from (8) Yukio Fujimoto‘s beautiful sound-art exhibit in Birmingham, England, made the top 10, as did (9) the June 13 roundup of my postings, and (10) the announcement I’d updated the site to WordPress 2.8.

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