The Top 10 Posts & Searches from October 2011

Of the top 10 most popular posts of the past month, October 2011, eight were drawn from the Downstream department of freely and legally downloadable MP3s: (1) a consideration of Richard Devine’s collection of field recordings of consumer technology such as printers and so forth (“An Alan Lomax of Lost Technology”), (2) a gloss on urgent information flow by Soundmutations (“A Series of Glitchy Twitchy Switchbacks Through a Steady Stream of Low-level Pulses”), (3) a live recording of a feedback-laden performance by Dave Seidel, aka Mysterybear (“Upload Through the Red Door”), (4) Sara Pinheiro‘s fragile arrangement of avian sound (“The Sonic Trajectories of Birds”), (5) Neil Wiernik‘s submerged pianism and balanced play between foreground and background (“More Than Haze for Haze’s Sake”), (6) the “glitchstep” of Biting Eye, aka Ben Bridges (“What’s in a Genre?”), (7) a casual field recording (related to the image shown up top) by Richard Thomas, CCO of the great RjDj and Inception apps (“45 Seconds of Unaugmented Reality”), and (8) an interview with Kid Koala (“Music for Drawing”).

And, for reasons that are always beyond me when it occurs, not one but two entries in this site’s automated Saturday compendiums of the prior week’s feed: (9) October 8 and (10) October 15.

The most popular searches of the past month were, in descending order: the truth about frank, autechre, 11-Sep, app, fernando pessoa, film, film scores, framework, lique, mp3, muller, music, OUTRA-G, raymond scott, sexby, tangerine dream, alan morse davies, 2009, 4’33 field recordings, aairria.

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