Top 10 Posts & Searches from March 2011

Top 10 most read posts of the past month, during which there were 33: (1) Joshua Treble‘s new new wave (or is it post post punk?) guitar + electronics; (2) the madrigal cumulus that is the work of Spheruleus (aka Harry Towell); (3) the drones of Cinchel harboring illusions; (4) the sea-worthy drones of Radere; (5) the light-infused, metaphoric, fringe-venturing instrumental hip-hop of Barcelona’s Outra G; (6) Finnish downtempo; (7) how a drone is like a sausage wrapper (proposed parallel resulting from a listen to new work by Benjamin Dauer); (8) a consideration of what constitutes “digital embouchure” (resulting from a listen to ambient trombone work by Mystified); (9) sci-fi noise from Lesser; (10) and a considerartion of the contemporary koan “Does All Work and No Sound Makes Jack a Dull Typist?” (related to the keyboard recordings associated with a great Windows shareware tool called WriteMonkey).

The most read post of both the last 60 and 90 days was John Kannenberg‘s memorial to slain Egyptian musician Ahmed Basiony.

Top search results of lat month: jingle, alan morse davies, absence of wax, justin varis, software, 3D music, a ambient, autechre, download app, hip-hop, outra-g, pessoa, wordpress, Zen bound, absence of sound.

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