Top 10 Posts & Searches from August 2011

Three of the top 10 most read posts of the past month were not drawn from the site’s Downstream department of free and legal recommended downloads — that’s out of a total of 25 posts for the month, August 2011 (a two-week summer break cut into productivity).

There was (1) a summary of the evening at GAFFTA in San Francisco where I presented on the idea of “Sound as Commentary,” (2) the announcement about the site’s summer break, and (3) one of the automated collections of posts from the site’s Twitter outpost.

The remaining seven most popular posts were as follows: (4) Somnarium‘s interstellar drones, (5) the radio glitch of Jeff Gburek, (6) discussion about what the sonic equivalent of an animated GIF might be, (7) recordings of abandoned places and things by Signe Lidén, (8) Erik Schoster (aka He Can Jog) in whisper-to-scream mode, (9) Michel Banabila‘s voice-based constructions, and (10) Humeka‘s music drawn from sounds lifted from communications systems.

Among the most popular search requests were: atlantic megan, harold budd live, outra-g, ambient, ioflow, makezine, alan morse davies, autechre, bernhard, disquiet, donna summer, Monome, and spacecraft.

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