The Top 10 Posts & Searches from September 2011

Topping the most popular posts on the site for the past month, out of a total of 33 posts, were (1) “Quantum Synaesthesia,” an overview of my most recent article for Nature (behind a paywall), an interview with the author of a new graphic novel about the work and life of acclaimed physicist Richard Feynman, a telling that emphasizes the synaesthesia inherent in the imagination of its hero, and (2) “Email Isn’t Free,” my most recent post at (“How to Use Email to Promote Your Music Without Alienating Your Audience”).

Six entries from the site’s Downstream department of free and legal recommended downloads made the list, including (3) “The Bees of War / The War of Bees,” on Apostolos Loufopoulos‘ martial act of anthropomorphism, (4) two pieces that use a plastic bottle as their source of sonic raw material (“The Post-Consumer Didgeridoo”), (5) the fragmented voyeurism of HMBKR‘s Radius podcast entry (“The Broken Vocal”), (6) the steampunk ambient of Stephen Vitiello‘s MASS MoCA installation, (7) Frenic‘s spaghetti-western trip-hop, and (8) Horchata’s spiritual drone.

Also making the top 10 were two entries from the automated weekly digests of what was posted at (9) the one for the week ending September 10, and (10) the other for the week ending September 3.

The most popular post of the past 60 days is on the glitch of Jeff Gburek. The most popular post of the last 90 days is on Jared Smyth‘s innovative tape loop. And the most popular post of the past year is on slain Egyptian composer Ahmed Basiony.

Among the most popular search requests were: gold, makezine, alan morse davies, downloadsquad, radius, waveform, best 2011, dhomont, eno, ghosts and strings, outra-g, Robin Rimbaud, spacecraft, the truth about frank, wave.

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