Sketches of Sound 21: Jaime Crespo

Since April 2010, has hosted a monthly project called “Sketches of Sound,” in which illustrators, many of them comics artists, are invited to draw a sound-related object. I post the drawing as the background of my Twitter account,, and then share a bit of information about the illustrator back on Call it “curating Twitter.”

This, the 21st entry, and final entry for 2011, features a boombox by Jaime Crespo:

Born about a zillion years ago in the region of the world now referred to as California, Jaime Crespo, a non-award-winning cartoonist, has been writing, drawing, and publishing comics for over thirty years. Okay, he’s been drawing and writing them for a heck of a lot longer than that and he has had a number of publishers, editors, and the like but never really enjoyed answering to “the man.” So, in the punk rock DIY spirit, Mr. Crespo has appeared in loads of self-published comic books as well as others anthologies, weekly newspapers, magazines, art magazines, and a whole slew of stuff you’ve probably never heard of and he continues to do so, unabated in spite of his age, ailing health, and tenuous grasp on reality. Mr. Crespo is also a pet owner.

The previous “Sketches of Sound” contributors were, in alphabetical order, Jesse Baggs, Michael Bartalos, Brian Biggs, Leela Corman, Warren Craghead III, Scott Faulkner, Owen Freeman, S.L. Gallant, Scott Gilbert, Brian Hagen, Dylan Horrocks, Megan Kelso, Minty Lewis, Natalia Ludmila, Darko Macan, Caesar Meadows, Justin Orr, Hannes Pasqualini, Thorsten Sideb0ard, and Gustavo Alberto Garcia Vaca. ”Ž

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